CBT (Compulsory Basic Training)

 It’s Compulsory

Everyone has to do it before riding on the road. The only exceptions are if you passed your car test before 2001, you can ride a moped without CBT; or if you live on a remote Scottish island.

 It’s Basic

Not everything to do with bikes, plenty more to practice and discover once you’re mobile. It’s a basic introduction to get you started.

 It’s Training

It’s not a test. We’re there to train you in the necessary skills and help you achieve a safe enough standard to be let loose on the roads.


Your CBT is valid for two years and you must ride as a learner, so L plates on, you can’t go on a motorway or carry a passenger. If you don’t pass a test in the two years, you must repeat your CBT.

You learn to control the bike offroad in a safe place, then practice on the road. By the end you need to demonstrate you are in control of the bike and can ride it safely in relation to everyone else out there!

You are supplied with a moped or 125cc bike for the day, together with helmet and gloves, or if you already have a bike or are buying one, you can use it. Dealers may be able to deliver it or get a friend to ride it to the site. Don’t forget you can’t ride on the road until AFTER completing your CBT!

You need to bring:
Photocard Licence
Some warm, waterproof and protective clothes
Some sturdy footwear like walking or work boots

Once completed, you gain your DL196 Certificate and can then ride a moped (16+) or up to 125cc (17+) on the road.

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