BECOMing An approved driving instructor (aDi) is split into three parts

Part One

The Approved Driving Instructor, (ADI) Part One test is a theory test. The Test takes around 1 hour 45 minutes and includes:

Multiple Choice Questions

You’ll be asked 100 questions in total, 25 in each of the following categories:

  • road procedure
  • traffic signs and signals, car control, pedestrians and mechanical knowledge
  • driving test, disabilities, and the law
  • publications and instructional techniques

Hazard Perception

First you will be shown a video clip saying how the test will work.
You will then be shown 14 videos that show everyday road scenes. 13 of these clips will have 1 hazard and 1 clip will have 2 hazards. You can get up to 5 points per hazard so there is a maximum of 75 points available, you need 57 points to pass. You must pass both parts at the same time to pass the Part 1 exam. There is no limit in how many times you can take the test. If you choose to train with Bill Plant we will give you all the materials you will need, along with online and telephone mentoring to help with your studies. Once you pass your part 1 exam you will then have 2 years to qualify as an ADI. If you take more than 2 years you will need to take part 1 again.

Part Two

The Part Two test takes around 1 hour and consists of the following

An Eyesight Test

You will need to read a number plate from a distance of 26.5 metres for new-style number plate and 27.5 metres for the old-style. You must use glasses or contact lenses during the whole test if you need them to read the number plate.

Vehicle Safety Questions

During this part of your test you will be asked five vehicle safety questions. This will consist of:

  • 3 ‘Show Me’ questions
  • 2 ‘Tell Me’ Questions

You will need to ‘Show’ the examiner and ‘Tell’ the examiner accordingly how to carry out the vehicle checks. You will receive a minor fault for any questions you get wrong and a serious fault if you answer all 5 questions incorrectly.

Test of Driving Ability

This test is similar to the current driving test for learner drivers. Where possible, you will be driving in various road conditions, including Motorways, dual carriageways and different traffic conditions. You will need to be able to demonstrate to the examiner, the following

  • Expert handling of the controls
  • Being able to anticipate what other road users are doing and take appropriate actions.
  • Correct road procedures
  • Being able to judge speed, distance and timing
  • Environmentally friendly driving
  • Consideration and convenience of other road users


As with the learner driver test you must show you are able do manoeuvres. Unlike the learner test, these are much more extensive, you must be able to carry out all of the following:

  • Turn in the road
  • Parallel Park
  • Bay Park
  • Emergency Stop
  • Overtake, meet or cross the path of other vehicles.
  • Turn left and right at corners
  • Move off straight ahead or at an angle
  • Reverse and enter limited openings to the left and right

Independent Driving

As well as the above you will need to show that you can drive independently. This will be roughly a ten-minute drive where you will either follow traffic signs, a series of directions before you set off or a combination of both.

On occasion an examiners supervisor will be present at the test. They will not be looking at you or have any impact on your results. They are there to watch the examiners performance.

Part Three

After completion of Parts One and Two, you will then be able to take your Part Three test. Currently this costs *£111. (*costs may be subject to change)

The hour test includes an assessment of:

  • Your instructional techniques
  • Instructor characteristics
  • Core competencies

The examiner will test this by role playing different characters.

Apply for Your Badge

Once you have passed your exams you can apply for your ADI, (Approved Driving Instructor) Badge. The cost of this is *£300 and you will need to pay by debit or credit card. The online service for this is open 6am – 11:30pm.

More information about this can be found on the .Gov website.