Inform your instructor where you would like to start your lesson, i.e. home, work, college, wherever is convenient for you. Your 1st lesson will be tailored to your experience and get you comfortable with the car. If you are not confident setting off on your 1st lesson, let the instructor know and they can drive to a quiet place for you to take control.

Each lesson will cover different aspects of the DSA’s official syllabus where you will learn the various systems, skills and techniques to drive safely. Our modern dual controlled cars will ensure that you and other road users stay safe while you are learning and the quality instruction provided will see you driving and gaining confidence in no time.



Whilst taking your lessons, start to get an understanding of the Highway Code and rules of driving in preparation for your theory test. There are many websites, videos and apps to help you learn and prepare for your test.

When we think you are ready, you can Book Your Driving Test Here. Don’t be afraid to ask your instructor any questions on your theory test or to go through any manoeuvres you feel you need to improve before your test.

We look forward to hearing from you as you join Topgear on the road to success.

Call Topgear on 0800 999 5353 or request a free callback by texting 07885 663 493 to book your driving lessons.