The motorbike Licence System


The licence system changed in January 2013. It is now a slightly longer process but not too tricky to get a full motorbike licence.

Various options depending on what sort of riding you want to do and also your age.

Before riding anything you must complete a CBT
As a learner you can only ride up to 125cc
To ride BIG bikes, you have to take the A Test. You can do this directly if you’re 24.
If you’re not 24, you can get Staged Access from 19+, which includes two tests over 2 years.
At age 19+ you can take the A2 Test and ride medium power bikes.
Two years after A2, you can take the A Test and then ride anything you wish.


riding bigger bikes (cat a)


Meet Cat A

To lose the L’s you have to pass a Category A test. The bike you can ride and the test you can take depends on your age.

Category AM or A1

You can ride mopeds or up to 125cc as a learner or take the AM or A1 Test. Taking the test only means you’re not a learner, so no L plates, can carry a passenger, could go on a motorway on a 125. The main benefit would be not having to repeat CBT every two years. Not many people do AM or A1.

You don’t have to do A1 before A2.

Big Cat A – Direct Access

Pass the A test and you have an unlimited licence. You can directly access the Cat A Test if you are at least 24 years old. If you’re not riding do the CBT first, then do the Theory & Practical test – job done!

Staged access via A2

If you aren’t 24 you can get an unlimited licence with two tests over two years. At 19, you can take A2 on a medium sized bike, which is less than 35 kW. Either a 4-500cc bike or get a bigger one and restrict it down.

Pass A2 and you’re not a learner. After 2 years you can take the A Test. Do Mod 1 and 2 again and that’s it. So the earliest you can ride unlimited bikes is 21.