Quality motorbike training and test information


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Training and practice on both A2 & A bikes has to be accompanied by an instructor because you can’t ride more than 125cc unless you have passed the test.

Learning to ride your motorbike through Topgear will ensure you have the skills and knowledge to pass your test and ride your motorcycle safely.

Stage 1
eory test

Two parts – 50 multi-choice questions and 14 hazard perception video clips. Understand the rules of the road. Lots of ways to revise: DVD, books, Apps, online. We also run a Theory session if you need more help.

Even if you have taken a car theory test, you have to take a bike one. If you do more than one bike test, you only need to do one bike Theory. Book through www.Gov.UK

Stage 2
Practical Test, Module 1

Off-road manoeuvres, slow control, swerve and emergency stop. Short test but it takes place at a Multi-Purpose Test Centre. These are based in Carlisle and Blackburn!

Stage 3
Practical Test, Module 2

The bike ‘driving’ test. On the road, from the Barrow Test centre is about 40 minutes. Good routines of OSM/PSL, awareness of other road users, correct procedures.

Instructors will work with you to make sure you’re well prepared for your test.